Pelosi Made Killing Off Initial Public Offerings

Pelosi Made Killing Off Initial Public Offerings

Author Schweizer: Pelosi Made Killing Off of Most In-Demand IPO in

The corruption in Washington has become pervasive to the point
that they no longer represent the people. Pelosi and other members of
Congress increase their wealth and campaign contributions through
insider trading that is illegal for everyone else. Spending is
irresponsible, budget deficits lead to more debt and hyperinflation
will be the final result. Hyperinflation negatively impacts the poor
who can least afford it. The plunge protection team being run by the
President, Treasury, Federal Reserve and international bankers should be held accountable for manipulating the stock and commodities markets. Bailouts benefit the bankers, lobbyists, campaign contributors and public-private-partnerships the most. Corruption and unenforced regulations equals economic collapse. Throw Them All Out.

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