Stop Voter Fraud

Voting by mail means “Absentee Ballot”, and by mail voting you play right into a whole host of even greater election frauds, like: 1. Transients who were registered to vote at local “shelters” by the shelter staff, and receive mail-in … Continue reading

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Obamacare Won’t Cost You Anything?

From Anonymous Did you receive your Medicare Handbook for 2015 yesterday? If you have already received yours in the mail please turn to page 12 and go down to the bottom of the page and read “Find out what you … Continue reading

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Draft CSKT Water Compact Meeting

The Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission met with the CSK Tribe and representatives of the United States Federal government, Department of Interior, in Missoula, October 27, 2014. The purpose of the meeting was the presentation of a draft of … Continue reading

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Granite County Medical Center (GCMC) Trustee Appointment

Although I applied for the GCMC Trustee vacancy on July 24, 2014, the Board didn’t schedule a meeting until October 24, 2014. The meeting was attended by a “quorum”(?) of Trustees, Mr. Burd and Mr. Barbara. Essentially, the Board and … Continue reading

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Granite County Medical Center – Registered Warrants

On October 1, 2014, the Granite County Medical Center (GCMC), Board Chairman, Ken Burd, submitted a letter to the Granite County Commissioner “…to assist the Granite County Hospital District with its present cash flow problems by authorizing the County Treasurer … Continue reading

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Granite County Resolution 2014-17 – Flint Creek Hydroelectric Tax Application

October 13, 2014 Montana Department of Revenue Lee Baerlocher, Bureau Chief Business & Income Tax Division PO Box 5805 Helena, MT 59604 SUBJECT: Granite County Resolution 2014-17 Granting Flint Creek Hydroelectric, LLC New or Expanding Industry Tax Benefits for the … Continue reading

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ISIS or ISIL? SOME OF YOU KNOW THIS. . . . BUT FOR THOSE WHO DON’T, CONSIDER IT PART OF YOUR CONTINUING EDUCATION!! Here’s a good explanation of the difference in the terms being used. What is the significance of … Continue reading

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Granite County Medical Center Loan

Per the Philipsburg Mail article, September 18, 2014, “Cash-crunched hospital district borrows $85k to pay staff, vendors”. The Granite County Medical Center Board of Trustees (GCMC) asked the Granite Mountain Bank for a loan to pay for operating expenses and … Continue reading

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Flint Creek Hydroelectric Tax Classification

09/19/2014 There was a notice in the Philipsburg Mail on September 4, 2014 and September 11, 2014 that the County Commissioners would consider an application for a new industrial classification for the Flint Creek Hydroelectric Plant. The Commissioners failed to … Continue reading

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Another Congressional Can Kicked Down The Road

For immediate Release:  September 19th, 2014

Contact: Mike Fellows 406-721-9020

Congress Kicked the Can on spending Says Fellows

Congress kicked the can down the road said Libertarian Congressional candidate Mike Fellows, in voting to fund government until December 11th. “Congress proved once again that re-election is more important then working for us’, said Fellows. The House was supposed to vote on 12 spending measures, but those 12 spending measures were rolled into one continuing resolution bill. “The Republican house had an opportunity to demonstrate they are concerned about reducing spending instead of getting re-elected”, said Fellows, but that wasn’t the case. We need members of congress who will work for us and not the special interest. Campaign promises of less government, from current Montana representative, Steve Daines ring hollow after his yes vote to get home, instead of reducing government spending. The U.S. House of Representatives is only working 116 days this year.


Congress needs to be reformed said Fellows. Passing the One Subject At A Time Act will be a good start. The one subject at a time act says that Congress should only vote on related bills. Downsize DC, which is sponsoring the act says it will:


  • Stop Congressional leaders from passing unwanted laws by attaching them to popular, but unrelated, bills.
  • Require each bill to be about ONLY one subject, and to stand or fall entirely on its own merits.
  • Make it easier for your elected officials to represent you by allowing them to vote on specific proposals, instead of on groups of bills containing divergent measures.
  • Create a de facto “line item veto” by putting only one measure under the President’s pen at any one time.

Bills authorizing the Export-Import Bank would have to stand on their own merit said Fellows, instead congress inserted the reauthorization into the passed CR spending bill. The Export-Import Bank was set to expire later this year. To some the Export-Import Bank is a corporate welfare scheme, said Fellows, that extends credit to Big Business at better rates than they could get in a free market. “I think it’s time we end government subsidies to corporations”, said Fellows.

Mike Fellows is the only House of Representative candidate working for more liberty and less government. His next stop will be the Belgrade Fall Festival in Belgrade Montana on Saturday September 20th.

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