Veterans Stirring

May 16th !!!! Please send to all on your e-mail list. Let them make their own decision on this, don’t make it for them by deleting it. Thanks If you are not a veteran send this to those that … Continue reading

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Cause No. DV-13-265 filed on October 15, 2013 against the City of Polson was intended for injunctive relief and a speedy resolution. However the City and its insurer MMIA have turned it into a full blown factual trial. MMIA f/k/a … Continue reading

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Home of the Free – Blacklist – Redlist – Police State

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Here’s an interesting article given today’s context, because all 5 situations are documented with source and/or the law case citations. One can see how Americans’ Rights to Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness have been infringed upon by … Continue reading

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A common law Grand Jury presentment, synonymous w/indictment, cannot be challenged or stopped. First you must understand that a legal proceeding cannot be veered away from, it’s a prescription of law that must be strictly adhered to, any interference with … Continue reading

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Jury Nullification – McElroy

Jury nullification means a juror can nullify a law if he believes the law or its application is unjust. He can do so by refusing to convict a defendant despite instructions to do so from a judge. In short, the … Continue reading

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Are You Prepared?






Excellent booklet created by a former MT State legislator . Highly recommended for your library or as a gift to those who aren’t into the Internet, i-pads, Smart phones or Kindle. $7.50 per copy, group prices available email Fred at

Order from : Fred Carl P.O. Box 2445,  Missoula Montana 59806

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worse.

Fred Carl Booklet Lower size02282014_0000

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Common Core Standards Being Challenged in NY

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April 3, 2013 Senator Patty Murray Senator Maria Cantwell Washington, DC, 20510 Dear Senators: I have tried to live by the rules my entire life. My father was a Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army, who died of combat related stresses … Continue reading

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SNL is Still Funny…sometimes

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Mark Levin and Article V’s “Second Option

Conservative talk show host, brilliant Constitutional scholar, and litigator Mark Levin has just released his 5th book, entitled “The Liberty Amendments”. As with all of his writings, I immediately bought it, read it, and digested it, but this time I … Continue reading

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